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Trail of an Artist-Naturalist
the Autobiography of
Ernest Thompson Seton
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Listen to Seton's story about Santa Claus

Read about his life in his own words.

He was the greatest writer-storyteller,
artist-naturalist and conservationist of the 20th century....

....who had foundational influence on the
Boy Scouts of America and the Worldwide Scouting Movement
Woodcraft Indians and Woodcraft League
The Realistic Animal Story Genre
The Seton Institute & College of Indian Wisdom

....who received highest honors
John Burroughs Medal for Natural History Writing (1927)
Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal for writing in Zoology and Paleontology (1928)

Lectures on his life are given by his granddaughter, Julie A. Seton, PhD
For Lecture Titles and Synopses, click  HERE